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Anne Brady-Romero is currently serving as your Sandoval County Chief Deputy Clerk. She was appointed in 2013 by the Clerk and has been working for the Clerk’s Office since 2009. Anne is married to Robert Romero and they have lived in Algodones for nearly 40 years. Anne began her career with humble beginnings in Sandoval County as a partner in the family business at Abuelita’s New Mexican Kitchen in Bernalillo. They have 2 wonderful children and 8 grandchildren who put the joy in her heart. When Anne is not at work, she is spending time with her family. While working fulltime Anne was her mother’s caregiver. Anne has enjoyed serving the Constituents of Sandoval County and she wants to be your next County Clerk. Anne feels strongly about expanding access to the ballot for all voters in Sandoval County and will use her voice as Clerk to advocate for these policies.

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▪  Current Sandoval County Chief Deputy Clerk

▪  35 Years of Private and Public Sector Management

▪  Graduate of Albuquerque High School

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“It is an honor to serve the constituents of Sandoval County as the Chief Deputy Clerk and I look forward to earning your support and vote; to serve as your next Sandoval County Clerk.”


  • Ensure ADA compliance at all voting locations

  • Increase voting locations

  • Provide mobile voting unit

  • Increase voter participation

  • Implement an outreach election awareness program

  • Create a Native American voting advisory committee

  • Ensure your vote is secure by working with the NM
    Secretary of State office's cybersecurity team to perform
    an annual risk assessment

  • Complete the implementation of online records with
    Tyler Eagle Recorder


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